Download PCMAV 4.6 Ragnarok 3 (Feb 2011)

Here are some improvements in this version:

  • UPDATED! Added database and cleaning viruses 105 local / foreign / new variants have been spread in Indonesia. Total 3809 virus and its variants.
  • ADDED! Removal special engine to clean the virus completely Nami-Ternate, Poet-Kompti, VB-Shortcut-WLogon and its variants are widely spread in Indonesia.
  • Improved! Optimization of RTP engine so it is more compatible with programs that are running.
  • Improved! Repair RTP view that sometimes widened.
  • Improved! Elimination of installation error messages when running PCMAV service in a non-administrator account.
  • Improved! Change of name of the virus found a new variant.
  • Improved! Fixes some minor bugs and improved the internal code to ensure that antivirus PCMAV remain the pride of Indonesia.

Download Here

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11 Responses to Download PCMAV 4.6 Ragnarok 3 (Feb 2011)

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  2. hanny s. moedjihardjo says:

    My old PC on the blink since Dec 2010 by unknown virus. This new PC I lend it from my daughter in Jan 2011

  3. angga says:

    download dulu ah… 🙂

  4. hengky says:

    download nggeh………

  5. giman says:

    izin download!

  6. suar sair says:

    ora iso

  7. Giek_Soekarno says:

    Izin download dunk….so thanks braaat de’.

  8. sawal says:


  9. kurikuri says:


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