Remove Ramnit Virus With PCMAV Express Cleaner For Ramnit

Ramnit virus many circulating in Indonesia today. PCMAV makes pcmav express cleaner for ramnit to eliminate this virus. The file size small enough.
Characteristics Ramnit Virus Infected Computer.

Ramnit a new pathogenic virus that quickly spread, the pathogen is able to cooperate with other viruses to infect the victim. After this pathogen infects the computer will download variants of other pathogens and pathogens that the download will be different for each computer so much trouble for antivirus detection and cleaning.

Download (.exe) or Download (.zip)

Here are the traits that have been exposed to pathogens Ramnit:

  1. The virus will make your Internet Explorer browser displays a page containing advertising deals, games, and sometimes pornographic image around in large numbers continuously for internet connected computer.
  2. Further symptoms are, removable media icon turned into a folder. After that users can not access the flash with a warning Access is denied. And finally there are also messages Compressed (zipped) Folders when clicking on these expostulate.
  3. It comes a lot of records with record name ‘Copy of Shortcut to (1). lnk’ s / d ‘Copy of Shortcut to (4). lnk’ in the flash user. This file is used by the pathogen to reproduce itself when a user executed.
  4. One of the things that is unique and makes it very easy pathogens live and difficult to eradicate is that every time a user right-clicks. Besides displaying the right click menu, indirectly computer users also have been running this pathogen.
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24 Responses to Remove Ramnit Virus With PCMAV Express Cleaner For Ramnit

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  2. Gaptek says:

    😛 😛

    makasih banyakkkk

    coba dulu aaaah…. 😳 😳

  3. omadix says:

    Mohon ijin download,

    Terimakasih ya..!

  4. jojo says:

    ijin donlot ya…

  5. kangtonie says:

    ijin sedot gan,moga aja berhasil. udah puyeng ni. 😀 😀

  6. wijaya says:

    kok gak bisa jalan ya ramnit killer di win 7, mohon bantuannya
    😀 😀

  7. Anton says:

    try ya thx

  8. dower says:

    hihihih…………….kiler 😈 ramit hahahahhahahahahah…. 😯 mempan ga ni gan……. :mrgreen:

  9. dower says:

    😯 wah gan PCMAV ngampleng gan sama norton :mrgreen: harus nyari lagi ni gan yang resmi 😥 maff gan ga jadi download

  10. Cahyana says:

    rupanya ada penghalang ya – koq susah banget utk melakukan cara ini …

  11. didin says:

    wah gan thanks atas tumpangan donwnloadnya hehehe 😆 aku kesel banget ma monster 😈 😈 😈 ramnit ini …

  12. yudha says:

    thanks for us ..
    i will download & try now… 😀

  13. sigit says:

    ijin coba gan..

  14. Bukan Ariel says:

    Makasih kakak
    Ane udah nyari kemana mana, eh nemunya disini

  15. Batik says:

    Abis discan langsung ringan PC ane

  16. Sukabumi says:

    Akhirnya PC ane gak ada virusnya

  17. tamsis says:

    mudahan2an besa clean..gan ramnitx semalam abis kena teror ramnit hasil scan pke pcmav 5 dapet 15678 yg terinfeksi tp masih ada yg tertinggal.. ijin sedot lgsung gasss….

  18. oqcay says:

    misi gan
    ramnit killernya ga suport win 7 64 bit??

  19. yanuar says:

    thanks. i’ll try it.

  20. Panggah says:

    Before using English, please learn it well first…I’m sorry to say this, but Your English is bad.

  21. Sugianto says:

    thanks ya utk sharenya. ijin download ya.

  22. Zoefry A. Rao says:

    Ijin download gan, semoga aja klo pake PCMAV ramnit yang ada di PC gue pada ngacir…

  23. Sugi says:

    ijin download anti ramnitnya, thanks for sharing

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